Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back in Business

If I had any regular readers on my blog, I'd say I have lost them by now. It's been three weeks since I posted anything, and I wasn't burning it up before then. Recently, the idea of blogging has not been very appealing to me. Truth be told, I've been on several "kicks" that have just left me with little interest in keeping my blog up to date.

First, there's the start of baseball which always ruins me for a short while as I can't read enough articles or check out enough box scores to slake my thirst. Must...not.....let it......win!

Secondly, my wife gave me an iTunes gift card for my birthday. Let me tell you, it's the best gift I've ever gotten. At first, I ran out and bought all the stuff I knew. But then I started searching high and low for some "sugar sticks" and have discovered some amazing music! It's almost like not watching movies for 5 years and then catching up in two weeks. The card is all used up, but there's still a ton of music on my wish list. I guess it's time for the obsession to end. Must...not.....let it......win!

So a quick update on church.... Easter was amazing! The time of congregational worship and Pastor Kim's sermon were amazing. We also had several elements of "special music" that were just anointed. Hunter sang a song called "True Love" by Phil Wickham in our contemporary service. What a song! If you've not heard Phil Wickham or this song, watch the video below. It will bless you.