Friday, November 21, 2008

Funky Fresh Senior Adult Choir

I dare you to watch all 5 minutes of this video and then read the explanation below.

Per the minister at the church who did this video:

This was the opening video for our Student Fall Retreat called "You've Got Talent." Everyone is asking what inspired this. Here it goes...

1) We needed a great opening video that caught everyone off guard, and set the the tone for the weekend.

2) With this idea in mind, we thought we could use this video as a great object lesson about media choices (kinda creepy hearing your grandparents sing some of this)

3) This has been a GREAT transgenerational culture experiment. It has totally bridged a gap with our Senior adults and our students. Hope you enjoy!

This kind of creativity leaves me speechless. I can't imagine how a Baptist minister pulled this off.


HUNTER said...



The Panni Family said...

AHHHHHHH that was so funny! I wonder if that minister still has his JOB!! I about died when they started taking their robes off!!! It kinda reminded me of when my mom tried to sing songs that we as teenagers were listening to! YUCK!

Anna said...

Hi Mark,
We saw you and your family YEARS ago in Columbus,MS. It was probably around 1992. Anyway, we bought your family's cassette and we still listen to it often. My kids actually blast it when we clean house:) It is nice to see what you are up to now. How is the rest of your talented family?
Amy in MS

Lars Rood said...

So many great comments on my facebook account about this today. Thanks for giving us something to talk about. I loved it.

Lars (Dallas Guy)

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe anyone would think this is amusing. If anything it is wake-up call the compromising spirit of this age. I found this video to be utterly appawling. The church is trying so hard to be like the world when the bible warns against such things...

1 John 2:15

I recommend anyone who sees nothing wrong with this video to read David Kupelian's book: The Marketing of Evil: How Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised As Freedom